hot-coffeeCoffee is rural, and financial imported product. It is the second volume in global commodity after oil .

As an agricultural product is affected by the weather. Like imported product is affected by the exchange rate of the euro – dollar.

As stock product ‘s price varies daily. Against this background easily understand the difficulty, complexity and interest of the coffee .

Categories of  Coffee: Arabica & Robusta

The class Arabica beans are very superior, more palatable , less bitter , have more flavor , is softer and less astringent , but also more susceptible to the elements. The category Robusta beans are more bitter , full-bodied and more tough, resistant to climatic conditions and diseases . Also, Robusta coffees are rich in caffeine content relative to Arabica.

According to data from various surveys , 85% of people consume coffee (all species) , compared with only 15% of consuming tea and chocolate. Approximately 70% of consumption is at home and 30% outside . At No1 is Finland with 12 pounds per person / per year, followed by Norway with 10 pounds and 3rd place Iceland with 9 pounds.  There are almost 2.5 billion cups of coffee drunk all over the world every day. It is the second – after water – most drunk liquid.

The coffee makes a global turnover of over 20 billion dollars, with steady upward trend every year. It is a market that is worth a deal , as an everyday consumer product, can generate permanent and fixed incomes .

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