A brief history of tea
China is its homeland – it is where the habit of drinking tea was born. There is an unlimited number of legends about the discovery of tea. The first mentions date back to the 12th century BC. However, the sole act of drinking tea became popular during the Tang dynasty rule (618-907). Also then tea became a trade commodity. It was brought to Europe by a Dutch merchant in 1610, whereas in the 19th century tea became popular all over the world.
The art of brewing tea
Brewing and serving tea is a real ceremony. Not only in China and Japan, but also around the world, a moment with a cup of tea is the time to relax and enjoy this aromatic beverage. When brewing tea, the quality of water is highly important. First of all, it must be soft and contain a small amount of mineral salts. Other important factors affecting the taste of the brew are the temperature and the time of brewing, which to a large extent depend on tea species. Feel free to use these tips to create a perfect brew and delight your body, mind and soul..
black-teaThe Aurile brand has undoubtedly captivated your hearts. We are honoured with the trust you have put in the new product line. In this new catalogue, Aurile has gained a new face. The product range has been increased by delicious, aromatic loose leaf teas enriched with natural ingredients, which give them a unique character.

You will find among them:
noble white tea with rose petals ,refreshing green tea enriched with fragrant verbena, lemon grass, lemon zest and sunflower petals, rich red tea with dried cherries, chokeberries and delicate rose petals, exquisite black tea with the addition of hibiscus petals and jasmine flowers, marigold petals and dried cranberries. When choosing the new products, being inspired with the 5,000 year long history of tea, we were guided by the desire to present the diversity of this delicious drink, and hence, give you an opportunity to explore the new and original taste sensations. Referring to the traditional Chinese tea brewing ritual, we would like your cups to be full of not only delicious tea, but also positive emotions. We care that everyone can choose a brew that they prefer, a brew which perfectly matches your mood, place or situation.


HARMONY Black tea

Loose leaf tea with the addition of hibiscus and jasmine flowers, marigold petals, dried cranberries and a natural peach flavour Exquisite Yunnan black tea with the addition of hibiscus and jasmine flowers, marigold petals and dried cranberries delights with a refreshing taste and an inspiring peach aroma. More>>>


JOY Red tea

Loose leaf tea with dried cherries, chokeberries, rose petals and a cherry flavour. Excellent red tea with the addition of dried fruits of cherry and chokeberry, as well as delicate rose petals, whose rich aroma perfectly intertwines with the subtle cherry note. Contains, among others, assimilable selenium, vitamin E and valuable flavonoids. More>>>



EUPHORIA Green tea

Loose leaf tea with verbena, lemon grass, lemon zest, sunflower petals and lemon flavour. An original composition made with the youngest green tea leaves of the Gunpowder species, enriched with the energising additives: aromatic verbena, lemon grass, lemon zest and sunflower petals. The tea infusion has a slightly sweet flavour and rich aroma with gentle hints of smoke. More>>>



SERENITY White tea

Noble white tea with rose petals, a slightly floral aroma and a harmonious taste enchants with its velvetiness. This is a very subtle composition with a slightly sweet taste, rich in vitamins A and E and polyphenols. More>>>