Joy Red tea

Loose leaf tea with dried cherries, chokeberries, rose petals and a cherry flavour. Excellent red tea with the addition of dried fruits
of cherry and chokeberry, as well as delicate rose petals, whose rich aroma perfectly intertwines with the subtle cherry note. Contains, among others, assimilable selenium, vitamin E and valuable flavonoids.

Put one teaspoon of tea per person to a teapot, pour over with water at the temperature of 96°C and brew for 3 – 5 minutes.

£ 5.99 – 75 gr.

Good to know!

How is it made?
The reddish tint of the infusion is a merit of a short fermentation process and several years of ageing, during which the dried leaves slowly mature and gain exceptional properties.
Where does it come from?
We brought the Pu-erh tea leaves from the Chinese Yunnan Province. There, the leaves were prepared according to traditional recipes used in China for almost 2000 years.
What to serve it with?
Perfectly matches greasy and fried dishes, with a distinctive flavour.


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