Facts About The Global Coffee Industry

coffee_beans_cupCoffee is more than popular: it’s ubiquitous. No other beverage is as revered or respected. It can be seen in offices, during commutes, and on kitchen counter tops worldwide.

Coffee exporting alone is a $20 billion dollar industry, mostly consumed by industrialized nations while being produced by the world’s underclass. It’s so beloved today, you would never know drinking coffee once carried the death penalty.

After crude oil, coffee is the most sought commodity in the world.
There’s no shame in coming in second place to oil. Coffee is worth over $100 billion worldwide. That puts it ahead of commodities like natural gas, gold, brent oil, sugar and corn.

According to data from various surveys , 85 % of people consume coffee (all species) , compared with only 15% of consuming tea and chocolate. Approximately 70 % of consumption is at home and 30 % outside . At No1 is Finland with 12 pounds per person / per year, followed by Norway with 10 pounds and 3rd place Iceland with 9 pounds.  There are almost 2.5 billion cups of coffee drunk all over the world every day. It is the second – after water – most drunk liquid.

Coffee farms are the economic livelihood of over 25 million people.

Coffee is grown in over 50 countries in Asia, Africa, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. And 67% of the world’s coffee is grown in the Americas alone.

Coffee shops are the fastest growing niche in the restaurant business.
If it seems like there are coffee shops popping up everywhere around you, you might be right — coffee shops have a seven percent annual growth rate.

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