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Strawberry ice tea

Ingredients: 6 teaspoons of Aurile HARMONY black tea, 1/2 kg of washed and peeled strawberries, cane sugar or honey, a handful of fresh peppermint or basil leaves, a lemon, ice cubes. Preparation: Brew the tea in 95˚. Seperate the brew and add to it the lemon, strawberries and honey/sugar. After cooling, put the tea inside […]

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Hawaiian ice tea

Ingredients: 1/2 l of Aurlie HARMONY black tea, 4 slices of a canned pineapple , 10 spoons of canned pineapple syrup, 2 spoons of lemon juice, 1 spoon of cane sugar, a couple ice cubes (optional). Preparation: Cut the pineapple in cubes and pour hot tea over them. Add the pineapple syrup, lemon juice and sugar. Mix […]

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Aurile Serenity ice tea with milk

Ingredients: 7 teaspoons of Aurile Serenity white tea (approximately) 3 teaspoons of sugar 1/3 glass of unsweetened condensed milk ice cubes Brew the tea for 9 minutes in 1 litre of water in the temperature of 80°C. Then separate the leaves from tea, and leave to cool. Meanwhile crush the ice cubes and thoroughly mix […]

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