Aurile Coffee in 12 unique flavors that will satisfy the most demanding.

Our functional and flavored coffees are made of original blends of oriental coffee strains – Arabica and Robusta, according to traditional Italian recipes. Its base flavor is made of Eastern Asia strains, with the characteristic spicy-woody aroma. The velvet Arabica introduces slightly acidulous notes, while the intense Robusta strengthens it, adding a sharper overtone. Perfectly balanced, rich full flavour. Excellent recipes in collaboration with scientists, nutritionists and specialists diners. All Aurile Excellence coffees are blends of selected Arabica coffees. To create the composition, we have used the classic African Arabica, mainly the Ethiopian mocha beans. Specialists appreciate mocha for its deep and noble taste: balanced, light, velvety, and with a flowery note, as well as consider mocha to be one of the few coffee strains that are in themselves unique in taste and do not require any additives. Each of our functional coffees has been scientifically tested and evaluated. To let you rediscover our exceptional coffee, we have expanded the assortment of natural coffees by coffee capsules, for the espresso machine, which enable the preparation of an intense ristretto, an aromatic espresso or the so called “large black” – lungo. We would like to draw your attention to green coffee. It is grown ecologically, has a mild flavour and palpable wine accents. Its aroma will definitely find many enthusiasts and innovative pyramid-shaped bags extract the maximum flavour and aroma. Flavoured coffees are now available also in two new versions: cherry and Scandinavian fruits. Aurile coffees do not contain any animal or genetically processed raw materials or artificial dyes.

Functional coffees – Natural coffees with unique recipes, enhanced with plant extracts, vitamins and valuable minerals.
foccus-sAURILE – FOCUSIngenious idea
A difficult task, a new project, studying for a tough exam? If you don’t know what to start with – start with coffee. We’ve enhanced our aromatic coffee with magnesium, B vitamins, and extra caffeine derived from guarana – to help you clear your mind and focus on what really is important. Feel the stroke of genius over a cup of coffee. more>>>
AURILE – ENERGYAdditional source of energy
When the world around you spins at a crazy pace, you have to be one step ahead of everyone. Recharge your batteries! Reach for a new source of natural energy. The increased doses of caffeine from guarana, taurine and stimulating complex of B vitamins will restore you to the highest speed. more>>>
AURILE – ANTIOXIDANTThe youth potion
Time cannot go back, but modern science allows us to minimise the negative effects of its passage. We have selected a number of bioactive ingredients that come to the rescue: Açai berry, green mate, zinc, and vitamin E. The combination of the most effective antioxidants and good coffee makes a delicious youth potion, you will be happy to enjoy every single day! Use the treasure of nature! more>>>
AURILE – METABOLISMIn great shape from the morning

Counting calories? Or maybe you just feel that your metabolism has considerably slowed down? Wake it up with a cup of delicious coffee, enhanced with zinc, chrome, L-carnitine, garcinia cambogia extract, and vitamin B. It’s an excellent and most of all, safe supplement of your slimming and detoxification processes. With a proper diet and a little bit of sport it will make you feel exceptionally light. more>>>

AURILE – PURE GREEN – Pyramid-shaped bags, coarse grind, unroasted

Aurile Pure Green coffee has been made with the Peruvian Arabica grains, which are hand-picked and grown ecologically, without any artificial fertilisers. It has a mild flavour, with clear notes of wine but no palpable bitter aftertaste or smoky aroma, characteristic of roasted beans. Green coffee contains a large amount of the chlorogenic acid (CGA), which is a powerful antioxidant and thanks to the presence of caffeine, does not lose any of its stimulant properties. more>>>

Natural coffees – The best blends of selected coffees, developed for the enthusiasts of this black beverage.
AURILE – EXCELLENCEEnjoy the taste of the original – Sidamo mocha

Aurile Excellence is an original blend of the best African Arabica beans, mainly mocha, which originate in the selected plantations of South America. The beans ripen long in the coffee gardens of the Sidamo region – located at 1800 meters above the sea level. more>>>


Aurile Excellence is an original blend of the best African Arabica beans, mainly mocha, which originate in the selected plantations of Ethiopia. The beans ripen long in the coffee gardens of the Sidamo region – located at 1800 meters above the sea level.  more>>>


For all classic espresso enthusiasts, we have created an original blend of beans from selected plantations in South America. The core of the blend are Brazilian and Colombian strains, grown in the mountainous regions, but its distinct, full-bodied taste comes from the 10% oil admixture of the Indonesian Robusta beans. more>>>

 ar14CLASSICCLASSIC Natural coffee – CAPSULESThe enchanting taste of Aurile Classic is a merit of the Colombian variety of Arabica. The strains, cultivated in the Andean massif, derive their gentleness from the sunny slopes, power from the volcanic soils, whereas their finesse is a result of the tropical climate influence. After brewing, the strains become silky and their slightly acidulous notes bring a pleasant feeling of freshness leaving a delicate citrus flavour. Intensity of the taste sensations is deepened by the aroma of the intertwining fruity-caramel notes. more>>>
Flavoured coffees – Try the Aurile coffee incomparable flavour and aroma. Reach for a sample pouch of a selected product.


Delicious whiskey and soft, sweet cream is a flavour that perfectly fits the taste of natural, freshly roasted coffee. You’ll dream that this pleasure never ends…. more>>>


Exotic, sweet aroma of vanilla is a perfect complement to the natural coffee flavour. Introduces warm and joyful notes to the composition. A real treat for the senses…. more>>>

 ar10SCANDINAVIANSCANDINAVIAN FRUITS Flavoured coffeeCranberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and cloudberry and the treasures of Scandinavia. Blended into a jam with a sweet-tart flavour make the smell of coffee unique! more>>>
 ar11CHERRYCHERRY Flavoured coffeeImagine the aroma of delicious juicy cherries dipped in strong coffee. Let every sip  refresh you and take you to a sun-drenched cherry orchard. more>>>